Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Find Name Of Unknown Numbers (TrueCaller)

True Caller
(Find Name of unknown Caller) 


True Caller is an amazing software that can find the name of any caller for worldwide. It also do call blocking, Call dialing, SMS sending services. It is a global software that works all over the world. It gathered information from social media integration and it thus keep up to date its contact directory. 

History of TrueCaller:-
This software was developed by True Software Scandinavia in 2009. It first launched on blackberry on 1 January 2009. After good reviews and response from user it launched on android and IPhone in September 2009. Then in March 2012 it launched for Windows mobile and other Nokia series. This software become most wanted in 2014. Its user increased till 10 Million in December 2014. 

How it Helps Us:-
This software can be used to find the name of an unknown number. It is often seems that many of the people try to call or sister (girls) to interfere their personal life. Most of the modest girls and families don't want this. Such girls may know the name of that wrong caller by this software. Sometimes we lost our contact in cell phone due to change set, thief or any other reason. In such situation, by installing this software we can know the name of caller.

Download TrueCaller:-

This software works on android, iphone, blackberry, windows mobile and on laptop as a web application

You can download it from AppStore, PlayStore or on trueCaller website Click Here