Saturday, 8 October 2016

Motivation Story

Hope And Motivation

Emotional Story

Once upon a time, there were two boys. Once age was 5 year and other’s age was 7 years. They were very close friend there in a little village. The play together every day. Once they were flying kites, unintentionally they went to side area where there was no other.

The big boy fall in a well there, while flying kites.  The small boy cried for help but there was no one to help them there. The small boy saw a rope near the Well. He give it to the big boy, pull him and finally by hard effort he extract him from the well.

They were very happy now. The embraced each other and went back to the village.

When they told their story to all the villagers, the villagers refused to believe them. They thought it impossible and told them lie. The boys insist them to believe them. The villager don’t believe them and finally they refer their story to an old wise man of the village. The wise man listen the story carefully and told the village that is possible. The villager insist them they “How IT IS Possible, How Can One Small Boy Extract A Large Boy”. The Wise man asked them that It is Simple. “When the Small Boy Was Extracting the Large Boy, There Was No One to Say Him That You Can’t, So He Did and get his friend out from the well”.

You can ever notice that there are many people around us that discourage us and say don’t do or you can’t do but don’t listen such voices. Only that people can success that don’t listen the voices from outside and do what they think.
Never wait for the opportunities, Let make them to wait for you.
Always believe On God then yourself and then sources and then no other one. All the best.