Friday, 24 November 2017

Virtual University Final Project Information

Virtual University Final Project Information

Friends! My Post/ video is especially for VU Students. For those students who are in BSCS, BSIT or MCS.
Students after 6 semesters often ask a question about final project.
So here is information for all those students.

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Actually when you pass your 6 Semester and enter to 7th semester Virtual University gives you two options to choose related to your final project.

  1.         Create and submit Custom Project.
  2.           Choose a project from given List.

Final Project Duration:-

Final project takes minimum 1 year to complete. In your 7th semester Virtual University ask you for documentation and take some test (Test Phase I and II) these tests contain Viva I and Viva II. Most of the time these viva are on Skype or team viewer software. These tests are very much important for you. If you fail at this stage it would take extra time to go to the second round.
Second stage is totally related to your project development. At this stage it is better you to hire a supervisor just for help. But try to choose an honest person and do most of the work yourself. Don’t rely upon him/her completely.
At this stage again if you are failed to deliver/Upload your project on time, it will take extra time or extra cost. Sometime university fines you and gives you one or two month time and some time it says you to come to the next semester.

Final Viva Presentation:-

Here final project Viva is so much important. In your Final Project Viva you often appear before your supervisor and give presentation in an official way. He / She ask many questions from you related to the final project. By this way He / She judge your Knowledge and give you marks. If he is satisfied by your answers then He will say you good or Very Good. Other wish he will say you try next time or Do hard work or some such comments. The comments are not mandatory.

Be aware of Fake Developers:-

It is better to design and develop your final project yourself. But If you want to get help from someone. You need to hire a senior developer. Because Virtual University supervisor will not give you time, I don’t know why they do so. While hiring a person it is better to write a written agreement with pre-conditions. Most of the time it is seen the fake developers take your project and ask for money. Such people are often found failed to deliver what they promises.

I hope this video/ Post will help you in your final Project.  Don’t be fear about your final project. Face hurdles and never loss your smiles on your faces.