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How to Open TCS Courier Franchise

Open TCS Courier Franchise In Pakistan

TCS courier is one of the Pakistan's largest courier Service. It exist in about all main cities of Pakistan. It is a fastest growing all over the Pakistan. Now only in Pakistan it started it's business to other countries like UK, Canada, Dubai and others. 

I say many people who want to start their business. As the search for the business they want to start a risk free business or reduced risk business. They finally find the business of courier services as risk free franchise. To all those who further want to search " How to open TCS courier service franchise in Pakistan", I want to inform them that TCS service is not for them. Yes there are some ways they can buy TCS courier franchise through some other ways. These methods may be often illegal. By the way in this post I want to tell you that how a legal franchise can be obtained by someone.

To Open TCS Courier Franchise the following requirements are needed;

  1. You should be a TCS employees, working in TCS as delivery man or working in Office.

  2. You should have five year experience there in TCS company.You can do either franchise or job. You have choice. You can't do job+business at the same time. 

Then further documentations are required. In which i think surety bond and witnesses are required.
If you are not a good reader then you can watch this video. 

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