Friday, 17 February 2017


Download MATLAB 


Today I am going to introduce the most important software. This software is very popular nowadays but many of the people are not familiar with this software till now. This software is thought to be the core of the sciences and engineering.
This software provides matrix paradigm which helps in solving computing, graphics, working environment and artificial computing problems. It is developed up of languages C, C++, C#, java, FORTRAN and python.

Short History:-
MATLAB was developed in 1970 by Cleve Moler. The Cleve Moler was the Chairman of the computer department at New Mexico University. He designed if for his students to solve mathematic problems easier. Soon it spread to the other universities. Then its new version came in market in 1984 that was developed by Jack Little (an engineer) developed in C language. It commercially launched that time. After that its new matrix based vision came in market in 2000 by Lapak. At earlier stage this software was used by Computer Science Engineers, letter on it was soon adopted by researchers and control engineers. Now the most use of MATLAB is in Graphic design and Artificial intelligence. 

Use of MATLAB in different technologies:-

Graphic Programming:-
MATLAB is most popular in the field of Graphic designing now a days. Its advance tools helps user in visualizing graphs, images, structures and modeling. The most graphics of MATLAB are used in the field of computer science, artificial intelligence, machine learning. It helps in visualizing the 2D and 3D models.
In mathematics:-
The wide use of this software in the world wide is in mathematics. It helps mathematic students in solving different type of algebra questions in a short time. It gets input from user, calculate and displays solution very quickly. It also supports lambda.
In Artificial Intelligence:-
MATLAB has a big hand in machine designing and computing. It helps the students of artificial intelligence in solving fuzzy problems. 

Download MATLAB

Certified Link:

Other Methods:-
This software was freeware in 2000 and in 2006 it was shared ware but letter on after it’s popularly it is now paid. However if someone have windows Vista, Windows 7 he can enjoy its old crake version.
Visit and search from:

But lattest windows version like Windows 8, 10 need to purchase its pain license.   
Which I think cost 119$ now.

How to install from windows 8 & 10:-

  1. Go to Start Menu. Right-click Computer, then select Properties. Click Advanced system settings and then click Environment Variables.
  2. In the System variables section, click the New button. For Variable name, enter MATLAB_DIR. For Variable value, enter the location of the MATLAB installation.
  3. This step is optional. The KinectBridgeWithMATLABBasics-D2D Visual Studio project is set up to modify the path automatically when the sample is run from within Visual Studio. If you want to run this sample outside of Visual Studio, then this step is necessary.
Find and double-click the Path system variable. In the Variable value field of the dialog box, add  one of the following:
For 64 Bit
  64-bit path: %MATLAB_DIR%\bin\win64
For 32 Bit
  32-bit path: %MATLAB_DIR%\bin\win32