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The Star Of The NetSol IT Industry In Pakistan

The Star in Software Industry In Pakistan

Mr. Salim Ghauri
The Founder and CEO
NetSol Technologies
Lahore, Pakistan

In today’s post I am going to describe the person that was a common as we are, but he created his destiny by his own hands. Now he is the rising star in software industry of world. That personality is Salim Ghauri the CEO of NetSol Technologies Incorporation.

Mr. Salim Ghauri

Early Life:

Salim Ghauri belonged to a middle family. He was born at Bahawalpur but then migrated to Lahore.He was inspired by his father. His father was an example and sign of inspiration for Him. He studied in FC School. Salim Ghauri says that in His School life he went to a scout camping when he was in 9th Class where he learnt how to handle different problems in day to day life. He was not born a businessman. At start of his career he did a job 3 years. Then he started his own business. In an Interview on Radio FM he says, “The job is important to be a successful businessman”, he named job as the way to learn the business.

NetSol Technologies Career:

He started his career in 1995 and swept the market off its feet as a smart typhoon. At start of His career he worked in a Citibank at Riyadh and worked as Network designer and software developer. Before coming back to Lahore He established IT Company. He founded and chaired an IT company with the name of NetSol Technologies. He explained his vision and goals and continuous struggled on it. Soon His Company start getting projects form foreign clients.
In 2001 the IT market faced Crashes. The NetSol Technologies loss many of its Clients. But Salim Ghauri did not give up and continued running his business. They sell their personal assets to pay expenses.

NetSol Technologies

Later on, NetSol Technologies got recovered and occupied over 90% of Chinese market lease and finance business. Now not only in China but other countries are also included in list. NetSol Technologies is the first and only Compny that is enlisted in NASDAQ of Pakistan. The biggest IT compny in term of revenue and infrastructure. NetSol lifting the Best IT Export Performance Award by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry FPCCI for the highest export of IT Services. 

Life Style of Salim Ghauri:

He gives respect and care his customers and employees. In his interview, He told that his first client is still giving work to him. In return he response him the same way as the first day. He speak out in an interview about his employees that Pakistani employees are much hard worker, dedicated, and learner. They adopt new technologies quickly.  In His Interview He speak out that Pakistan is not an industrial country but it is better in providing services. Similarly, NetSol Technologies provides software development services and license not only in Pakistan but many other countries. He hoped that a time will come soon when the foreign employees will get and seek jobs in Pakistan. 


He is a self-motivated person. He is friendly, sensitive and more caring toward people around him. He helps and supports his employees and encourage them. His talks give influence to the listeners. He is good in father as well as husband. According to him, success is difficult without a good life partner.  He wrote a book that is titled as “From nothing to everything”. The book contained Biography of Salim Ghauri. In this book the complete biography and success stories of his life are included. I found its link that is:

Book Link

Book Title: GHAURI – From Nothing to EverythingGenre: BiographyWriter: Salim GhauriPublisher: Peace PublicationsPrice: Rs. 900/-Must Read I solute and respect such people. Such people that take their destiny in their hand and inspire the world by their action.
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