Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Download Wordinn Dictionary

WordInn Dictionary

(English to Urdu Dictionary)

Do you find the meaning of any word difficult?
Do you copy word and paste in your own dictionary?
Do you surf internet to find out the meaning of a word?
Do you feel difficult to find the meaning of a word from different dictionaries?

I have an amazing solution for you.
Now you can find out the meaning of any word in one button press. Your best choice.

How it is possible:-
You need nothing, just install WordInn dictionary Install it and enjoy. This dictionary is the best solution for lazy people like me.

How it works:-
Just download and install. Then Open and select the word that you want to find out the meaning and press F8 button.
A new window will open that will give you many meanings of a single word. It provides the meaning of an English word in Urdu and in English both. Now you don’t need to go anywhere just download and enjoy.

How to download:-
Click the link below and download WordInn dictionary.
Size : 13MB
Verion: 1.1
Source Link: mediafire